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Who are we?

Pitypangs is a website that features educational and informational content pertaining to the domains of lifestyle, travel, food, psychology, fashion and features an editors’ picks section. The official website address to Pitypangs is

Before viewing the content on Pitypangs, we strongly urge you to read our privacy policy and terms of use. The privacy policy and terms of use (as mentioned below) concern Pitypangs (the/ this website) and the ‘site visitor/ the user’ (you).

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Privacy Policy

Personal data collection and how is that data interpreted/used:

Data collection on this website takes place through comments, newsletter subscriptions, cookies and various plugins present on the website. In order to understand our key demographic and novel trends better, the website utilizes certain analytical tools such as ‘Google Analytics’. Tools such as this collect limited information from visitors/ users and store them in anonymous server log files, thereby safeguarding your data. The information stored in these files typically include IP addresses, browser types, operating systems, basic IP information as well as time stamps that facilitate in creating a profile for the user. This information will aid us in deciphering the nature of content users enjoy the most and plays a pivotal role in the course the website will take in the future. Please note that this data is collected for statistical purposes only and is NOT utilized to build a separate profile for each visitor/user. When visitors/users decide to leave comments on the website, their data shown in the comment form, their IP address and browser agent details are collected by the website solely for the purpose of detecting spam comments.

The use of Cookies on this website:

This website also makes use of cookies that will pop up on your screen as a dialogue box when users first visit the website. These cookies are employed to enrich your browsing experience by granting you faster access to features such as login pages on repeated visits. 

Please note that we do not store any personally identifiable information in our cookies. On the first visit to our website, you will be asked for your consent to the use of cookies. Certain features on the website as well as smooth browsing might be hampered on the non-acceptance of cookies.

Links to third- party websites:

Pitypangs may feature links/ ads to other websites that we have no control over. Pitypangs is NOT responsible in any way for the content/privacy policy/ terms of use posted on these external third- party links. We urge you to review the terms of use/privacy policies of these third- party websites before visiting their website(s).

Use of personal information:

There is no prior registration required to access the website. It is important to note that personal information (example: name, email address and/or pictures) that you chose to make public on the website through the medium of comments in articles can be viewed, collated and utilized by anyone viewing the website. We bear no responsibility for this personally identifiable information that you choose to make public through the medium of our comment section.

Please note that we do not provide any information to third- party users, unless the user has given us their consent to do so.

How we safeguard your data:

We operate in accordance with accepted industry standards in order to ensure your data remains safeguarded and have appropriate measures in place that prevent your data from being misused. However, please understand that there is no security measure/ method of storing electronic data that is completely foolproof or reliable. Please note that we cannot guarantee the absolute safety of your personal data that we receive from you via the internet. 

Legal disclaimers:

We reserve the right to disclose at any point in time your identifiable information if it is required by the law. The same holds true when we think it necessary to disclose information of this kind in order to protect our rights as well as comply/co-operate with a court order, judicial proceeding or other legal processes.

Copyright Policy:

Pitypangs and its contributing members own all the writing, photographs (unless mentioned otherwise) and materials featured on this website. We do not give any authorizations to copy, modify, rent, adapt or publish any of the materials on this website for any personal/ commercial or non-commercial use. Permission to feature any portion of our website must be sought in writing prior to publishing it (the permission must be sent via email to our official email address).

Disclaimers and Disclosures

All opinions expressed in the articles featured in this website are our own. Posts that contain any PR products, affiliate link (s) or sponsorships will be disclosed within the article (either at the beginning or the end of the post). Any issues with a particular product endorsed on the website/ product claims can be directly verified with the manufacturer or vendor selling the products.

Please note that all the content presented on is created solely for informational and educational purposes only. The content present on the website SHOULD NOT be considered/ interpreted as medical/ healthcare advice or used as any form of treatment. Pitypangs does not promote/ provide any kind of medical or professional advice and thus our content SHOULD NOT be interpreted as a substitute for professional or medical advice, diagnoses and treatment. For issues pertaining to your health, please seek the advice of a qualified physician or a qualified healthcare provider. Please note that neither Pitypangs nor its contributing members are responsible for any course of treatment/ course of action taken by the visitor based on any information provided on the website

Accuracy and Completeness of the content posted on the website

Since all the content on Pitypangs is informational and educational in nature, please note that we cannot guarantee that each of our posts contain information that is a 100% accurate or complete. We live in a fast paced world that is constantly brimming with new ideas and concepts. Thus, Pitypangs does not guarantee the complete accuracy and completeness of the content present on the website.

Affiliates and Samples featured on the website

Some of the links featured on Pitypangs are affiliate links. On purchasing an item(s) through the links provided by Pitypangs, Pitypangs will earn a commission by receiving a small percentage of your purchase. Links that are affiliates will be marked by a ‘*’. Pitypangs is not responsible in any way for the ‘third- party links’ present on the website. Before using a particular product, kindly consult an appropriate healthcare professional. 


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