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Podcasts are a fun way to keep your mind engaged in the midst of boring tasks. Not only do they keep you occupied, but if you can get your hands on the right ones, you gain tons of knowledge too!

The internet has made psychology appear either as a simple subject that anyone can understand or as an intimidating science that’s hard to comprehend. there’s no in between!

These psychology podcasts come to the rescue here. Not only do they give you factual information, but they simplify it. With famous psychologists as guest speakers, political discussions, and academia, these podcasts are what every person needs.


psychology podcast

The podcast is hosted by Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, a humanistic psychologist and author of the book Transcend: The New Science of Self-Actualization. The Psychology Podcast has nothing but great reviews, with 10 million+ downloads. It has also been included in Business Insider’s list of “9 podcasts that will change how you think about human behavior.”

In The Psychology Podcast, Dr. Kaufman, a PhD, looks at the human mind, behavior, and creativity. Each episode of the podcast features a different guest. From Dr. Martin Seligman, the famous positive psychologist to the evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller; The Psychology Podcast gives you the best interviews!

The podcast is available on both Spotify and Apple Podcast. You can also check them out on Dr. Kaufman’s website.


psychology podcast

Hosted by Shankar Vedantam, a journalist and former columnist with The Washington Post, this podcast delves deep into how the human psyche functions. Offering a blend of storytelling coupled with scientific backing, the podcast sheds light on the why of human behavior. Hidden Brain examines the different patterns of behaviors that drive our choices, from purchasing a new set of trousers that you never needed in the first place or following the bandwagon and going vegan!

The podcast delves into a myriad of topics that are backed by credible research. Vedantam scours the ends of the social science realm to bring to the table novel academic studies that serve as an inspiration for each episode. Each episode starts with Vedantam asking a question that is answered through the course of the podcast. If you happen to enjoy Podcasts such as PlanetMoney and Freakonomics, Hidden Brain is bound to keep you enthralled throughout.

Vedantam’s ability to incorporate everyday examples from history, pop culture, and science make Hidden Brain stand out in stark contrast from the other podcasts.

“I think the great joy that I have in this work is finding moments when I can connect work that is rigorous and scientifically solid with the kind of experiences that people have in everyday life- the way they park their car, the way they read a restaurant review- and to basically say, look, there are ways in which science can illuminate the life that you lead and help you think about the world with curiosity and freshness.”

Vendantam, in an interview to Smithsonian Magazine


Hosted by Dr. Michael A. Britt, a PhD in Psychology, The psych Files began its long run in 2007. He suggests that the podcast is for anyone who wonders “why we do what we do.” With 18 million+ downloads, the podcast gives you an insight into a myriad of topics.

Audiences of the podcasts that range from psychology students to accountants have nothing but positive things to say. One review read, “I’m an accountant by trade without any background in psychology yet I find the Psych Files thought-provoking, accessible and enjoyable. Thank you Michael for making them, they brighten up my walk to work immeasurably.”

The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcast and


Hosted by Stephen Dubbner and Steve Levitt, this podcast seeks to deconstruct different themes pertaining to the domains of psychology, behavioral economics, and sociology. Inspired by the 2005 hit novel “Freakonomics,” the hosts delve into the intricacies of the role that psychology plays in determining our economic choices. Topics in these weekly episodes range from “what does a CEO actually do?” to insightful ways to help you plan your finances.

“Each week, hear surprising conversations that explore the riddles of everyday life and the weird wrinkles of human nature- from cheating and crime to parenting and sport.”

Stephen Dubbner and Steve Levitt


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